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The best places to buy NFL jerseys

The best places to buy NFL jerseys

A professional football league, the NFL (National Football League) comprises 32 teams divided evenly between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The culminating point of the prestigious football event is called the Super Bowl which is played between the champions of NFC and AFC.

NFL jerseys are absolute essentials for all the football fanatics. Wearing an NFL jersey while cheering your team is the most fabulous way of showing your love and support for the team. The best part is these have become such a crucial part of our popular culture, that they are not only be worn during the game season but through the year by the fans.

An NFL jersey typically will have uniform stitching with flat tackle twill lettering. All NFL jerseys have deep colors on a heavy, durable mesh with spandex panels. They fit loosely since they are made to fit pads under them. Licensed, authentic discount NFL jerseys range from $300 and will last you for many game seasons.

These are the different kinds of NFL jerseys that you can consider buying:

  • Elite: NFL Elite jerseys are like the ones which are worn by your favorite players on the field. They are made from a water-resistant material, have fly wire strength, and zoned stretched fit. These are one of the best and most expensive types of NFL jerseys you can find.
  • Limited: NFL Limited Jerseys are relatively less expensive. They are made from water-repelling fabric which can resist stretching, flexible twill numbers and ventilation holes.
  • Game: NFL Game jerseys are made for casual wear. They are lighter yet durable featuring silicone printed numbers and lettering. These are one of the cheapest NFL jersey variants you can find in the market.

Here’s how you can find the three NFL variants mentioned above in cheap prices.

  • NFLshop.Com: This one is one of the best sites when you are looking out for discounted NFL jersey. It is a reliable shopping vendor and sells different kinds of NFL jerseys including the cheap ones manufactured with lightweight, moisture-resistant fabric with fly wire strength.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: They are recognized as one of the favorite sports and fitness multi-channel retailer. Dick’s Sporting Goods offer the finest quality products including cheap NFL jerseys that are supported by the best possible service. Initially started as a bait-and-tackle business, it has expanded its product line to include an extensive assortment of sports goods and wear.
  • Nike: Nike produces all NFL jerseys including the inexpensive ones. You can find them in Nike stores or buy them from their official website.
  • Fanatics.com: At Fanatics, you will surely find a range of NFL jerseys at incredible prices. You can find all the variants of jerseys, i.e., Elite, Game, and Limited. If you want to cheer for your favorite teams with your kids, you can also find jersey meant for babies and toddlers.

You might also score some great discounts if you buy multiple jerseys at once. This could be ideal when you want them for your entire family or friend’s circle.

Apart from excellent material, check if the cheap NFL jerseys you intend to buy have the right sizes and great print. Since all of these vendors are found online, ensure that you thoroughly check the consumer reviews and exchange/return conditions, so that you don’t have to worry about anything later.