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Find the Perfect Under Armour Clothing According to Your Preferences

Find the Perfect Under Armour Clothing According to Your Preferences

1996 marked the beginning of a new technology that allowed the creation of fabrics to enhance the abilities and performance of athletes. With the founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, behind its helm, the tide shifted with the new technology he had just created.

It has been 22 years since then, and let us check what Under Armour clothing has to offer athletes today.

Stay Cool

As the name suggests, this fabric technology used in Under Armour clothing is designed to make you feel cool even in hot temperatures. The following are the clothing lines that Under Armour offers to their customers.


This fabric’s speciality is to reflect heat from the sun and IR rays which keeps your body from getting heated up. It works on dark colors as well, making it very effective.


This fabric has an inside coating which absorbs heat from your skin and cools you down. This will enable you to perform better and for a longer duration.


If you want to make the heat disappear and keep your cool throughout the sport then Iso-Chill does that magic. It makes your body heat disappear.


It is the original product and creation of the founder of Under Armour Clothing. The fabric wicks away all the sweat and leaves you comfortably relaxed during your sport. It is known to be super-breathable.

-HeatGear Armour

An improved version of the original, this technology adds a layer to its base which makes the fabric soft and also lightweight. It does contain all the attributes of the original version as well.

-HeatGear ArmourVent

It carries a tagline “The Most Breathable Fabric We’ve Ever Made” from Under Armour. The mesh technology of this fabric makes it stretch, dry fast, durable, and most importantly light.


It uses MicroThread technology which wicks off moisture and also avoids chafing. It is one of the best among Stay Cool fabrics in Under Armour Clothing.

Stay Warm

As opposed to Stay Cool, the technology used in the following range of apparel is researched to keep your body warm in cold climates.

-Armour Fleece

The interior of this fabric is soft and it also has a smooth exterior that keeps your body warm. It is also not heavy. It makes working out easy during the cold weather.


Used by many athletes, it has a layer that increases the warmth and also keeps the body dry without adding any extra weight.

-ColdGear Infrared

The thermo-conductive coating of this soft fabric retains body heat by absorbing it. The warmth lasts long due to this factor.


A breathable, light and insulated fabric. It is water-resistant and provides warmth during cold days.

-ColdGear Reactor

Boastful of perfect warmth levels, this fabric adapts easily and keeps your body warm during chilly days.


This fabric is crafted to trap body heat and circulate it for a longer period of time. It has four versions. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. The version numbers are directly proportional to the amount of cold the fabric can withstand. For example, 1.0 is for cool conditions, whereas 4.0 is for extreme cold conditions.

Stay Dry

The STAY DRY technology concentrates on sweat and water resistance. There are only two versions of this fabric technology.


This fabric is the toughest amongst all, and it is tested and proven to perform well through wear and tear.

-UA Storm

This carefully crafted fabric has three layers, making it perfect for water and wind resistance. This clothing helps you stay dry during any wet weather condition.

There are other fabric technologies from Under Armour clothing such as the Stay Ready range. They are hybrid versions and they come in a mix of different fabrics to meet different needs. For example, they have the UA Recharge which uses compression to work on swollen parts of your body, making the healing process faster.

Check out various Under Armour clothing and have them as a part of your daily sports routine. They are bound to make you feel more productive.