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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Games

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Games

A game is an activity that one takes up for amusement in an organized manner. It is also competitive in nature and entails a set of rules. As a child, our fondest memories are those of us playing various games with friends, siblings, or cousins. The present millennial generation is of the kind that transitioned from outdoor to indoor video games.

The beginning of the dreaded indoor video games culture is what drew ire on kids from the parents’ side. However, for a variety of reasons, playing games is a healthy habit. Read on to know why it’s important to play games.

Games help you grow smarter

We all want to grow smarter and science has proven that children grow smarter by playing games. When you apply your mind to solve the problem statement at hand in a gaming scenario, you are inevitably applying the left logical portion of your brain and thereby, improving your “smartness”.

You learn life lessons

Our entire lives have progressed in a manner in which we learn every step of the way. In this particular context, our parents are the ones who stand first in wanting us to learn more in life. Well, games help in this way too!

While playing an outdoor game or a video game, you are bound to lose at some point. In doing so, you are facing, what they call, “failure”. But you know for a fact that if you lose the game now, you will at some point win. So the most important life lesson that you can get here is that success comes with failure.

When it comes to games, you will face a lot of difficulties, and facing the challenges is the spirit. This in itself, is another life lesson. As you can see, many important teachings can be derived and learnt absent-mindedly.

They keep you active

Playing games of all forms keep you active and going. They not only improve your spirit in the bigger scope of things, but they also teach you about the sportsman’s spirit along the way. Although going to the gym might seem like the most natural thing to do to stay active, you are not doing anything for your mental health then. But video games help you stay active mentally.

By solving problems, thinking on your toes and keeping your reflexes sharp (virtually), you are improving your mental ability and you are getting rid of laziness.

Your processing speed is increased

Imagine being thrown in a war-zone where you have limited ammunition and an endless number of enemies firing at you. What do you do? Duck! Hide! Camouflage! Take a few strategic shots and try to kill the leaders so that you can take the others hostage and cut your way through. The idea to learn here is survival.

Very few gamers realize it, but the truth is, their information processing speed is increasing! In the gaming world, a gamer is forced to make many decisions in a fast-paced manner. This enables his or her brain to improve the speed with which information is processed and decisions are made.

Games help in brain development

Studies have proven that children who play games show faster and better brain development than those who don’t. Not only do they learn to deal with different scenarios, but you also learn t0 analyze your best options. Your brain improves its thinking and understanding capabilities.

Children who play video games are always in-the-know of the latest technology and adapt to changes faster. Video gamers are also very good with their visual skills. They look for solutions with anything and everything they find around them.