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10 Popular Websites for Purchasing Office and School Supplies

10 Popular Websites for Purchasing Office and School Supplies

Whether you are going back to school or going to work, it might feel monotonous. After a while, it feels like you are following the same old boring routine. Sometimes it feels like you are dragging your feet. Other times you are unwilling to get out of bed. What if you made your life more interesting? To stir things up a little bit, you can get a new office and school supplies that help you want to go to work or school. And get things done for good.

You don’t need to step out of the house. The websites that are recommended provide you your favorite supplies right at your doorstep. Without further ado, let’s explore the websites that offer some of the best office and school supplies.

10 amazing websites for office and school supplies

Paper Source

This is for the art lovers out there. It provides all types of office essentials such as planners, personalized stationery and custom made items. Be sure to check out their popcorn erasers and a beautiful floral designed to-do list.


You are going to feel good if you buy any supplies from here. The reason is they provide a product to a school in need when you make a purchase. Their range of supplies is colorful and will cheer you up regardless of how sad you feel.

Dollar Tree

The idea behind this supplies store is unique. They provide you with an affordable range of school and office supplies. They have magnet clips, push pins, desktop accessories and mailing supplies to name a few. They also have sales so that you can save more.

Oh, Hello Friend

This website consists of lots of fun ideas for supplies. It has decorative magnets that are quite uplifting. From ‘You are loved’ magnet to camera shaped tape dispensers, you are going to love their products. They have a wide range of supplies for office and school.


Love a dash of color? You are going to fall in love with Poppin. The website has all types of office supplies. It has combinations of stationery in the same color! The designs are sleek and innovative. Take the sticky memo ball that is so colorful, you will smile.


There are limited supplies that are available from this store but they are very attractive. For example, they have a transparent stapler with golden sides. How appealing! Their products are for those who are looking for something different yet uniquely subtle.

CGD London

This website is a blessing for anyone looking for high-end products. They have a fascinating range of products. Take for example their notebooks that have “Make Things Happen” written on their cover. Another example is their rose gold pen that has ‘Getting Things Done’ written on it.


This website provides you with office supplies that have been sourced locally. Their collection is distinctive. They have vintage pens, pencils, ink pots, paper supplies, and school supplies. Their range is for those who are into understated stationary.


If you want plenty of options to choose from, this website is for you. It has over 1 million products! There are all sorts of school and office supplies. Their range is fun and trendy. So if you want your supplies to be eye catchy, this is where you need to shop for your supplies.

Office Depot

For affordable office and school supplies, this is your go-to website. You can find all types of files, folders, storage and basic supplies. There is a wide range of supplies that you can choose from. This is for you if you want simple supplies that are not too out there.

There is nothing better than owning a beautiful range of supplies. They tend to make you want to become more productive. You will definitely love getting things done when you have different kinds of supplies on your desk or your bag! Treat yourself to the best office and school supplies today. Turn your office into a place you love to go to. Make going to school and learning fun all over again. It is never too late to get inspired. How about starting today?